Making Wine in Scotland
Theatre / Rehearsal Room
A comedy about the end of the world. A man, a woman and a tree, the last hope for all life on Earth. A tree killing virus. Earth, decimated by climate change. Andy, the last tree on Earth; the key to our salvation. Ellis, a scientist who knows the cure. Nandi, an engineer with a machine that can save us all. A ruthless billionaire stands in their way. A race against time comedy about the apocalypse. A story about love, trees, capitalism, bad jokes, big doors, Star Wars, killer viruses, bags of money, Orion’s Belt and pencil sharpeners. The end is coming.

Production Credits

Director: Roberto Pombo

Written by Ter Hollmann

Starring Tessa Jubber, Cherae Halley and Ter Hollmann

  • Venue: Rehearsal Room
  • Location: Monument Building
  • Ticket price: ZAR 120.00
  • Programme type: The Fringe
  • Genre: Theatre
  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Ages: 12+
    • Strong Language
Rehearsal Room
June 20, 2024 14:30 - 15:50
Rehearsal Room
June 21, 2024 18:30 - 19:50
Rehearsal Room
June 22, 2024 16:00 - 17:20
Rehearsal Room
June 23, 2024 20:00 - 21:20