Botsa Lebone (Ask a higher power)

Set at a wooden table with a keyboard and a mouse, this story explores creativity and technology.

The writer wants to know how to create a winning movie, and we watch his hands as he types the words in, letter by letter. After a few moments the writer deletes the search. The writer again types in letter by letter,how to make a good movie. The process is repeated, with the writer searching how to make a film without a budget. Again, the writer deletes the search. The repeated typing of letters and words and then deleting the words symbolises the doubt and the self-doubt of the writer. The emptiness of the table-top further showcases the "inspiration-poverty" of the writer.

The camera moves over the keyboard and mouse with a reddish light shining over it. The viewer sees the red shining light from the table lamp without a lampshade that stands over the keyboard. The red light symbolises the depression of the writer, caused by his self-doubt. There is an unlit white candle and matchbox next to the candle in the candleholder. The white candle symbolises a connection with the writer's ancestors. The writer strikes a matchstick and lights the candle.

The music creates a very emotional atmosphere. The typist wants to make a film, but does not have a budget to do that and doubts his inspiration and creativity. By lighting the candle, the writer receives the inspiration to be more creative. The writer was trying to use technology to fuse with the higher power, but the writer found the eureka-moment only when manually lighting the candle and switching off the light of the table lamp. The singular light of the candle shows that one is nothing without the connection with one's ancestors, the higher power.

Production Credits

Tebogo Chologi - producer, writer, actor, cinematographer, director, editor, final mix

About the Artists

Tebogo Timothy Chologi, aka “Mrembola”, is an artist born in 1988 and raised in a village named Magogoe Tlhabologo in Mahikeng. From a young age, he has been involved in the art industry through poetry, pantsula dance, and writing/acting for theatre, television, and film. This led to his passion to produce and direct films, which resulted in him completing the National Certificate in Film and Television Production.


Before he started to produce his films, he acted in various productions such as Roped, Never Say Goodbye, Tlhala Ntša, Kgaratlho, Caged, and Naphtal. He also participated as a judge for the South African Film and Television Awards.  He is also a well-known tutor for filmmaking at various institutions. 


Since completing his qualification, he has directed several zero/low-budget films including Inmate, Mobocracy, Ghetto Situations, Lesedi, One for the Ghetto, The Shack, and Botsa Lebone (Ask the Higher Power). He also co-produced/co-directed films such as Caged, A Plight of an Ordinary Man, and Maletsatsi.


He is the proud creator of THE SHACK, which was shot during the harshest lockdown of the country at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought him a great number of awards and accolades. The short film has been screened at many national, regional, and international film festivals. THE SHACK has won awards for Best Arthouse Film (2020, Kismet Film Festival, USA); Best Director Award and Audience Award (2020, uMgungundlovu Film Festival, RSA); Standard Bank Gold Ovation Award (2021, Makhanda National Film Festival, RSA); third place in Jury Award (2021, Unified Film Festival, Germany); finalist (2021, Cannes World Film Festival, France); Best Experimental Film and Best Director for Experimental Film (2022, GIMFA – Gralha International Monthly Film Festival, Brazil); Silver Award for Best Short Film – Fiction (2022, One Earth Awards, India); and Grand Prize Winner (2022, IHRR Exploring Risk Film Festival at Durham University, UK).

  • Programme type: vFringe
  • Genre: Film
  • Duration: 5 minutes 57 seconds
  • Ages: ALL AGES
June 23, 2024 00:01 - July 31, 00:00