When Will sees a horrible murder at his father's apartment complex, his frantic warnings go unheard. As danger approaches, Will must navigate a labyrinth of denial and dread to discover the truth before it's too late. A gripping thriller that keeps you wondering until the very end.

Production Credits

DOP: Mills Mahlombe

Directed by Siqhamo Majodina

Produced by Wamke Cele

Writtern by Shaun Mhlakaza


Natasha Pondo as Thandi

Aviwe Hlakanyana as Will

Ayabonga Bhebhe

Aphiwe Sodlamba as Tee

Shaun Wilberforce as Lwadz

About the Artists

Natasha Pondo, originally from Eastern Cape, is an Actress, Dancer, and DJ. She is embarking on a new journey to become a voiceover artist. She studied performing arts and is currently studying Public Relations. She has worked with Sarah Sa Gehim, Nkululeko, and Suid-Ostee.


Aphiwe Sodlamba is a 24-year-old dancer and actor from Mbekweni, a small township outside of Cape Town.  He is an alumni of Northlink College, where he graduated with a Diploma in Performing Arts. He received extensive training in drama, singing and dance disciplines including ballet, dance cor, contemporary dance and African dance from different dance schools around Cape Town. His diverse talents have made him a valuable member of the training programme of Jazzart dance theatre, where he contributes to their productions, and showcases his passion for the arts.


Ayabonga Bebe is a thespian who expresses himself through acting, writing and music. Raised in the Eastern Cape he went on to study performing arts at Northlink College where he attained a diploma in performing arts in 2019. Since then, he has gained recognition in the theatre space, and was nominated multiple times for best actor at the Zabalaza Theatre Festival. In 2021 he wrote a play named Ilifa which was nominated for best production at Joe Slovo Theatre Festival in 2021. In 2022 he was cast for: Isiling, isankxwe and was nominated for best promising actor and in 2023 he was cast in three roles in a setwork production named Buzani kubawo at Artscape Theatre. He is currently working on his production, Ilifa, which he recently brought back to stage.


Aviwe Hlakanyana is 20 years old and has been passionate about acting since the age of 11. He can dance hip hop and pantsula. He feels at home on stage and he went to Northlink College to master his craft.


Shaun Wilberforce Mhlakaza is an all round thespian who loves the art.


Wamkelwe Cele is a 23-year-old woman who studied in Cape Town, but is originally from Mtubatuba, KwaZulu-Natal. Her interest in the performing arts was sparked in primart school when she performed in a theatre version of Rapunzel. She matriculated in 2018, and has since been part of many productions, mostly hosted by her institution. She did voice over work for the video game Love Land. She has won an award for best supporting actress in the production Toxic Love and Karma, written and directed by Shaun Wilberforce (2020). She was part of the ensemble in the musical production, Cats (2021), and played a lead in the production Isolation, written and directed by Northlink College (2020). She has also studied at UCLA in the United States of America furthering her passion for the arts and entertainment. She is the Co-Founder of the production company Way Film Productions. She is extremely talented and can perform any role that she puts her mind to and her work speaks for itself.


Monwabisi Mahlombe is better known as Mills, and holds a degree in Film Production Studies after graduating in 2020 from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. His journey in this industry has granted him opportunities to work alongside many creative individuals, bringing their visions to life through technical expertise in areas such as camera work, color correction and post production. Each day, he strives to push the boundaries of what is possible to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary visual storytelling. As a film
enthusiast he doesn't only see himself as a DIT (Digital Image Technician) but as a filmmaker. With that in mind, he always tries to help as far as he can to assist the Creative Director or the Director of Photography. Working closelywith the DOP’s or Creative Directors requires strength and the ability to think ahead, with especial attention to the “technical”. He ensures that everything goes smoothly and that the end product matches the initial idea. He is a camera technician who plays a role that thrives behind the scenes, ensuring the seamless operation of all technical aspects that contribute to the immersive cinematic experience we all love.


Siqhamo Majodina is a Director who is passionate about bringing human emotions alive on screen, finding ways to include the complicated dynamics that are part of one's life. Majodina started playing with a broken camera at 7 years of age in the villages of Sterkspruit. Since then filming has always been his passion.

  • Programme type: vFringe
  • Genre: Film
  • Duration: 4:15 minutes
  • Ages: 16+
    • Strong Language
    • Adult Themes
June 23, 2024 00:01 - July 31, 11:59