The Business Beyond Festival Discussion

The Business Beyond Festival is creative discussion is hosted by Zimele Kumkani and The Black Power Station every festival and beyond, to bring together minds to find solutions and collaborative networkimg opportunities with visitors who may be specialists in different fields within the creative industry and other business sectors.

This is built around the aim that each discussion should be able to contribute to a viable artistic economy, that can can help uplift the Eastern Cape and Makana. This forms part of our incubator, which we plan to have for creative throughout the year. We believe that creativity emerging from conversations and partnerships will help develop innovative ideas for collaborations and social entrepreneurship. These ideas can then be taken forward by teaching people business skills. Ongoing projects by our incubator programme include one for making art supplies, building toys from recycled materials and repurposing abandoned objects to create furniture. We believe in finding solutions through creating solutions that expand local, national and international networks. We work with creative companies and local businesses to bring together artists, environmental activists and university communities. We aim to help people create projects and goods that generate marketable products for sustainable income.


Production Credits

Kholiswa Mqotyana -Business accountant in practice ( Host and program director of the Discussion) 

Seraphym Isaac -Co- Founder and President of Union Farms of Africa in South Africa. In Agribusiness

Xolile X Madinda-Director and Founder of The Black Power Station-Creative industry 

Lulu Jakavula-Entrepreneurs Unlimited Incubator - Executive Manager


  • Venue: The Black Power Station
  • Location: The Old Power Station
  • Programme type: The Fringe
  • Genre: All
  • Duration: 3 HOURS
    • Academic or Professional Content

There are no performances for this show.