Intyatyambo Elityeni Women’s Dialogue

Intyatyambo Elityeni is an open discussion for women to discuss creative ways to support each other in this creative economic ecosystem.

As the struggle for women in South Africa continues, even in the arts, the least expected sectors remain closed to women. They are still faced with the challenges of marginalisation and exclusion in the industry. Women still find it hard to access funding, even if they hold positions of power. They are still subjected to pressures of unwritten laws.

This discussion is open to women in the media, academic, business, political, and social movement sectors. We invite women to participate and share ways on how to improve policy in order to look at the gender gap that is continuously increasing despite 30 years of democracy.

This marks the reason why we have, over the past 3 years, celebrated women leaders. With this position, we want to state that women are able. Women are leaders in all sectors of society.



Production Credits

Akhona Sidlai -Practicing Advocate of the High Court and creative

Nhlakanipho Mahlangu - Social Justice Activist + Safe Space Facilitator 

Mrs Natasha Khoahla - The Director LED and Planning Makana Municipality

Nobesuthu Mnkandla - Social Impact Innovator, women's rights Researcher and Advocate

  • Venue: The Black Power Station
  • Location: The Old Power Station
  • Programme type: The Fringe
  • Genre: All
  • Duration: 2 hours
    • Adult Themes
The Black Power Station
June 25, 2024 13:00 - 15:00