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In a series titled Hairitage, Lithemba Nziweni, a photographer from the small Eastern Cape town of eXesi, explores the hair journeys of different black bodies. Hairitage includes two pieces of text, photos and a documentary of each individual, guided by questions as they tell their stories. This ultimately becomes an exhibition experience.


The photo series is conceptual and aims to outline the journeys of different black bodies with their hair, focusing on hair as a social identifier. It also frames the individuals in a relatable manner that highlights the struggles of many black South Africans.


The exhibition aims to create an archive that captures the lived realities of South African youths as they navigate what it means to be black and have a complicated relationship with hair in a contemporary South African context. The point of reference for this series is hair, but it also touches on other factors that form the identity of these black bodies. The aim of the series is to create a space for discussion about these topics.


Lithemba Nziweni

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