Hailing from the dusty town of Tsomo (KwaNtsume) Ngwemnyama location in the Eastern Cape, Bhekumzi Songxishe aka Mzi SA was born on the 15th of April 1996 at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Johannesburg. 


Growing up in Tsomo, Bhekumzi had a huge interest in the arts, an interest that was realised at Tsomo Junior Secondary School where he started school. This started as a joke to him when he used to gather with his friends to sing traditional songs and dance. As he grew up, he was promoted to sing in the Choir of the school, where he met well-known conductor Banele Funani, who then trained Bhekumzi to sing solos. From there, he enrolled at John Noah Public High School, and met Mr Xolani Kemka who was an acting coach. Bhekumzi excelled under the guidance of Mr Kemka and through his excellence, they were hidden weapons in Queenstown in Competitions. He continues to practise music on his own, and entertained people in town with his guitar. This led to him being spotted by the Department of Arts and Culture. He has performed in many events, musical and otherwise, organised by the Department of Arts and Culture around the Eastern Cape province.


In one of the many events he performed in, he was lucky enough to be spotted by the director of the movie ‘’Mabona’’ who immediately added him to his cast. He has graced many big stages, rubbing shoulders with South African artists like Zahara, Sliq Angel, Big Nuz, Jaziel Brothers, Don Laka, The Soil, Nathi Mankayi, Berita, Ami Faku, Silaelo Silota and the late Hugh Masekela. He has performed at the prestigious National Arts Festival with ECAVC (Eastern Cape Audio Visual Centre), and was given an opportunity to record a single with them.


Upon graduating from John Noah Public High School, Bhekumzi enrolled at Ikhala TVET College where he continued performing and touring. Some of his most memorable performances with Ikhala was when he wowed audiences at the Opera House Theatre in Port Elizabeth doing various drama pieces. He has collaborated with artists such as Lwandile Nantisi, Yanga Luka and as fate would have it, his journey led him to collaborate with his former coach, Xolani Kemka who groomed him as an actor. In October 2018, Bhekumzi graced the Mangaung Cultural Festival (MACUFE) stage, Bloemfontein in the Free State province showcasing his artistic talents. His journey has also seen him become a finalist in a TRU FM competition, share a stage with the well-known gospel artist, Israel, and be trained vocally by the well-known ex co-producer of Zahara, Mojalifa Nthebe.


Bhekumzi Songxishe is an extraordinary musician as much as he is a brilliant actor, and poet. He believes that sharing is caring, and has taken it upon himself to nurture up-coming talent in the region of Queenstown, by organising music and drama events around the town to get youth engaged in the arts. Mzi SA transferred his art to the new nation where he trained students in high schools and primary schools and through his hard work students are excelling in arts and in subjects that are related to art in CHRIS HANI DISTRICT, including at Kwa-Komani Comprehensive School, Thembelihle Primary School, Lukhanji Primary School and Exhibeni Primary School.


Mzi SA has rubbed shoulders with Queenstown legends, including Mxolisi Malotana, Mlungisis Gegana, Lungiswa Songelwa, Malibongwe Fololo, Xolile Sophitshi and the late Tenjiwe Nguna. Mzi SA performed with these artists mostly at the Chris Hani Jazz Festival and Komani Jazz Concert organised by Enoch Mgijima Municipality and Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture. He decided to follow one of the best known names in the arts fraternity, Dumza Maswana, and asked to be featured with him. That dream was fulfilled when Dumaza invited him to share a stage in East London at the Umtiza Festival as an ensemble together with Soul Melodies. On the same day he was called at the Zingce Arts Festival to showcase his craft and he never disappointed. 


All this happened in 2022, and since then, his music journey has not pressed pause. He was called to join the Eastern Cape Ensemble, a group of artists selected from all over the province to highlight different artforms and cultures. They performed at the National Arts Festival. After that Mzi SA was called by ECAVC Records to record another single, which received positive feedback at a listening session. In that listening session he was invited to perform at a Fort Hare gala dinner where he wowed the crowd. 


Mzi SA has registered a company called Mzi SA Entertainment, reflecting his belief that his craft is of immense value in the Eastern Cape. He is an icon of tomorrow, as he is a living legend to the youth due to his role in changing their lives. The sky is certainly the limit for Mzi SA as his journey in the arts continues. Keep your eyes peeled for what is next to come from the talented Bhekumzi Songxishe.

  • Venue: The Black Power Station
  • Location: The Old Power Station
  • Ticket price: ZAR 60.00
  • Programme type: The Fringe
  • Genre: Music
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Ages: ALL AGES

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