Jazz / DSG Hall

Jazz musicians are always looking for new avenues of musical expression, often by interacting with others and exploring the unusual paths they may lead them to. In a casual backstage discussion at a festival recently, trumpeter Darren English commented on how exciting he found US saxophonist Miguel Alvarado’s playing. ‘Miguel has something in his sound and approach to music that connects with what I’m trying to do.’ How about a collaboration, then, and adding Joburg pianist Yonela Mnana into the mix? ‘Yonela’s a monster on the piano - he can do anything!' was Darren’s response. 'I’d love to collaborate with them and see what we can produce!’ “Conversations” brings together 5 musicians to create a unique musical conversation on-stage and showcase what Jazz is really about.


Production Credits


Darren English (trumpet)

Miguel Alvarado (sax – US)

Yonela Mnana (piano)

Shaun Johannes (bass)

Siphiwe Shiburi (drums)

  • Venue: DSG Hall
  • Location: Diocesan School for Girls
  • Ticket price: ZAR 140.00
  • Programme type: National Jazz Festival
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Duration: 70 mins
  • Ages: ALL AGES

There are no performances for this show.