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Written and Directed by Luthando Lucas and performed by the Ihlumelo Foundation theatre group, the play tells the story of a single mother forced to make peace with her baby's dead alcoholic father. 

The play opens at the cemetery, where Ntlantla goes to introduce her son to his father. Zwelibanzi has already been deceased for seven years. Told retrospectively, the story unfolds. She met Zwelibanzi in college, they dated and she fell pregnant, and endured his infidelities and physical abuse. 


Tradition instructed Zwelibanzi to pay damages and lobola, but he forsakes his responsibility and flees to the mines in Johannesburg. When she realises he has rejected the child and abandoned her, she has to choose between going to an abortion clinic or to turn back towards the Lord and raise her son on the right path.

This production explores the identity crises amongst men and women, the disintegration of family structures, abuse against women and children, relationships, incest, the power of the media, and the inequalities in our justice system.

“Issues of injustice, domestic violence and how the media report are raised in the play,” explains Luthando Lucas. “Nhlanhla is the story of the voiceless women in South Africa and around the world. It gives mouth to the innocent women in society. It looks at the old situation with fresh eyes. The play touches everyone from all angles of life and it changes life too. It reveals how these issues, ignored for far too long, have created a social time bomb of secrets and lies that threaten to destroy society."

About the Artists

Production Manager: Sikolwetu Msutwana

Artistic Director: Luthando Lucas 


Luthando has a diploma in Dance and Musical Theatre from Tshwane University of Technology. His experiences at the same university while studying for his degree led him to start compiling his memoirs to portray the effects of the political system on the lives of ordinary people.


He is a storyteller who hears the music of history, weaves the fabric of memory and sometimes offends the Emperor on his quest to tell authentic African stories.


Mr Lucas currently lives in East London, South Africa and teaches English, drama and poetry in previously disadvantaged communities through the Ihlumelo Foundation Program. Luthando has received many awards and honours. Amongst them is the Eastern Cape Cultural Award for his "excellent contribution in literature", awarded by the government of South Africa.

  • Venue: PJ'S
  • Location: Hoerskool P.J. Olivier
  • Ticket price: ZAR 50.00
  • Programme type: The Fringe
  • Genre: Theatre
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Ages: ALL AGES

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